Thank you for visiting the website for Screen Repair Tape! this website contains complete product details, including both printed and video instructions for buying and applying Screen Repair Tape on Door, Porch and Window Screens to properly fix almost any size rip, hole or tear; keeping the bug our and the fresh air in.

Screen Repair Tape comes with a Peel & Stick covering, unlike other brands on the market, to help not only preserve the sticky-ness of the adhesive, helping your screen repair tape to last longer, but to also prevent the face side of the screen to collect residual adhesive becoming sticky to the touch collecting air-born dirt and pollen making a disgusting mess on your window screen.

Screen Repair Tape is a fiberglass screen mesh with a 3M adhesive on the back side that adheres over the rip, hole or tear in your window scree. It is guaranteed to stick for as long the life of your window screen. And, if properly installed, should actually outlast your window screen.

Screen Repair Tape is available to order in single quantities direct to the public or at wholesale prices to retailers with tax identification numbers. You can find a list of Retailers that carry Screen Repair Tape on this website or order it through our webstore.

To order, simply click on the link Buy Screen Tape Today!